The Rickstaverse is a first-of-its-kind video game built entirely on Instagram. Based on the Adult Swim animated series, users can wander the vast Rick and Morty universe from a whole new perspective. Emulating a point and click style, every planet, spacecraft, and alien stronghold are linked through photo tags and user accounts, resulting in hours of exploration all within the app.


Tapping from square to square, users can visit countless in-show locations like Rick’s lab, Planet Squanch, and everything in between. Hidden throughout these levels are tons of collectibles, easter eggs, and mini-games, all designed to please the most die-hard Rick and Morty fans.

As part of this team, I illustrated level designs, collectibles, and comics, including but not limited to a planet made of corn, Jerry as a Tamagotchi, and alien Garfield.

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140 accounts, 2,000 illustrations, and three expansion packs later, The Rickstaverse is still going strong with over 300k followers. But no need to keep looking at it behind the glass, dive in for yourself:

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Client - Adult Swim

Executive Creative Director - Jonathan Santoro

Senior Writer - Anthony Ciolino

Design Director - Evan Brock

Senior Designer / Illustrator - Ben Cochrane

Illustrator - Meggy Kawsek

Illustrator - Nick Staab

Illustrator - Simon Jones

Animator - Alec Grosso

Animator - Whitney Brown

Engagement Manager - Tom Heiss

Executive Producer - Jimmy Dowell

Senior Producer - Kathryn Farwell

Producer - Lenny Neslin

Producer - Marine Fresel

Account Supervisor - Drew Kramer

Account Supervisor - Nicole Rehling


Cannes Entertainment Lions - Bronze - Innovation in Branded Games

Shorty Awards - Gold - Creative Use of Technology

D&Ad Awards - Graphite Pencil - Digital Design / Existing Platform / New Iteration

Webby Awards - Honoree - Social Entertainment

FWA - Mobile of the Day