While Rick and Morty season three was ripe with new characters, fans longed for an old favorite: Mr. Poopybutthole. So my team answered their wishes with an animated short focused completely on him. Picking up right after the season three finale credits, The Poop in My Pants reveals some surprisingly emotional events through Mr. PBH’s personal photo album. 


My team wrote and produced the entire short, with creative oversight from the show team along the way. I had the pleasure of illustrating more than half of the photos in the album, including my magnum opus: Mrs. Poopybutthole paying homage to Beyoncé’s infamous pregnancy photo.

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Premiering on YouTube the day before Thanksgiving, The Poop in My Pants quickly became the #1 organic trending video and received over 3 million views within 24 hours.

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Client - Adult Swim

Executive Creative Director - Jonathan Santoro

Lead Writer - Anthony Ciolino

Animator / Illustrator - Ben Cochrane

Storyboard Artist / Illustrator - Meggy Kawsek

Account Director - Nicole Rehling