With the reboot of The Powerpuff Girls approaching, Cartoon Network wanted to promote their beloved superheroes in a fun and interactive way. Designed as an in-depth avatar creator, Powerpuff Yourself accomplished that and more. My team applied painstaking attention to detail to ensure anyone could turn themselves into a Powerpuff character regardless of age, race, or gender.


Within the first three days of launch, fans around the world created over 7 million avatars. With over 500 unique assets to choose from, the customizations were nearly limitless.

During my time on this project, I helped illustrate hundreds of iterations of assets, prepped files for launch, and joined forces with my lead designers to create an epic 13’ x 5’ commemorative print for our office.

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This project was truly a childhood dream come true. Launching on April 1st, it was only a matter of hours before we reached the #1 trending topic on Twitter and Facebook, upstaging other brands’ April Fools gags all day long. Ready to join our super squad? Power up here:

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Client - Cartoon Network

Executive Creative Director - Jonathan Santoro

Senior Art Director - Claire Fraze

Senior Copywriter - Anthony Ciolino

Copywriter - Averie Timm

Senior Designer - Noah Atkinson

Designer - Miki Masuda

UX Designer - Ben Miller

Director of Engineering - Tom Milewski

Senior Developer - Ryan Farrell

Developer - Nimit Shah

Quality Assurance - Sam Kim

Analyst - Mike Keisman

Senior Producer - Kathryn Farwell

Interactive Producer - Franco Jaramillo

Account Executive - Lexi DeVogelaere

Account Supervisor - Nicole Rehling

Account Supervisor - Drew Kramer


Webby Awards - Honoree - Youth Websites