Wanting to capitalize more on our award-winning creative teams, PLAY was built and designed in-house at Virtue Worldwide, VICE’s creative agency, in order to showcase our state of the art production chops and entertainment prowess. With the development of this new studio, I teamed up with animators and illustrators to help polish PLAY’s reel and branding.

I brought our character designs to life by illustrating keyframes seen in the reel’s intro, contributed to other interstitial assets, plus created key art for promo materials.

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Officially taking off in Q3 2018, PLAY is fully launched and ready to roll, showcasing a ton of killer work and highlighting new developments as well. Find out more here:


Executive Creative Director - Jonathan Santoro

Associate Director of Strategy - Caleb Kramer

Lead Writer - Anthony Ciolino

Copywriter - Brian O’Neill

Lead Designer - Noah Atkinson

Animator / Illustrator - Ben Cochrane

Animator / Character Designer - Meggy Kawsek