I’m Claire Cianca, a digital illustrator with a background in traditional art and design. I was homegrown in Rochester, NY, replanted in Brooklyn, and am now fully blooming in Los Angeles, CA. Having spent the last few years in advertising, I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects and taken on a number of different roles in the creative production pipeline. From initial concept to final product, if it involves digital drawing then I’ve probably given it a try. I pride myself on my stylistic versatility, immaculate attention to detail, organizational dexterity, and ease collaborating with others.

Clients include:
Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Netflix, Clinique, Asics, Target, NBCU, American Express, Unilever

Interests include:
anything animated, cat feet, video and tabletop games, drag, the desert, fashion, cleaning/organizing, ramen, Hello Kitty, tequila, internet food videos, biker ladies, small birds, stickers, and putting an end to small talk.

Questions, comments, happy accidents: