With what felt like the longest gap in TV history, Rick and Morty fans were ravenous for new content between seasons two and three. Masked as a registration site for Galactic Federation Rewards Cards, FedConnect is really a digital content platform home to a number of season three sneak peeks.


Landing on the site’s main page, users are quickly hacked into a confidential server. Here they can peruse conversations between Federation employees plus view alien clickbait in the form of essays, listicles, and videos.

Contributing to many art requirements on this project, I illustrated numerous pieces for our content verticals, designed iconography for the site’s landing page, and created various images for social too.

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With over 30 pieces of original content produced, two different site designs, and various promo materials, FedConnect was a massive undertaking. But all that hard work paid off when fans sang our praise once again for our hardcore attention to detail. Get your Federation Rewards card today!

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Client - Adult Swim

Executive Creative Director - Jonathan Santoro

Lead Writer - Anthony Ciolino

Writer - Brian O’Neill

Lead Designer - Noah Atkinson

Animator / Illustrator - Ben Cochrane

Storyboard Artist - Meggy Kawsek

Lead Developer - Brandon Romano

Engagement Manager- Micah Gebreyes

Senior Producer - Kathryn Farwell

Account Director - Nicole Rehling